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Video: Is there really something magical about sloths?

A4W Contributor

They have a reputation for being slow, smelly and not too bright, but one sloth wrangler thinks the ...

Dog lovers to have their day with plans for canine cafes

AFP - Relax News

A cafe for canines may be coming to a town near you, dog lovers in the US have ...

Video: World’s funniest bulldogs

A4W Contributor

They’re fat and wrinkly and full of drool, but these endearing dogs just have something about them that ...

Amazing! Disabled dog gets 3-D printed prosthetic legs, runs for the first time

A4W Contributor

Derby the dog has been able to run for the first time thanks to his new 3-D printed ...

Friends are waiting: heartwarming video


Next time you go out on a night on the town, be sure to make a plan to ...

Win new Hill’s Ideal Balance for your pet

Debbie Harrower

Hill’s Ideal Balance for your pet — natural ingredients, perfectly balanced.

Three of five stolen huskies reunited with owner


Three of five huskies stolen from a Pretoria man by women posing as SPCA inspectors have been reunited ...

Anti-poaching dogs trained to abseil out of helicopters to save rhino


Man's furry best friend is not only there to love and play with you.

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