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Sip a latte with a snake – Would you visit this reptile café in Cambodia?

AFP - Relax News

For anyone terrified of an albino python, an orange corn snake or a scaly, bearded iguana, Chea Raty ...

7 Tips for helping your child overcome a fear of dogs

Susan Stiffelman

Children sometimes develop unreasonable phobias, regardless of whether they have had a previous bad experience or not!...

Brothers forego shoes to help save their beloved dog

A4W News

Peter aged 14 and Gerry aged eight carried their sick dog, Lady, from one of the local vegetable ...

Get paid to cuddle cats on a Greek island!

AFP - Relax News

Love cats, but humans not so much? Comfortable with the idea of living on a secluded Greek island ...

6 Must-dos to get your pet ready for spring

A.K. Turner

Here are six handy tips to prepare your pets - and your home - for springtime changes...

Friday is #TakeYourDogToWorkDay

A4W Contributor

Friday 22 June 2018 is #TakeYourDogToWorkDay. It might cause a bit of chaos in the office but it's also ...

Brave Nono the dog took a bullet for her owner


There's no limit to what our pets will do for us, including taking a bullet, like Nono did ...

Should you hug your dog? Research says NO


To hug your dog or not to hug your dog… that is the question. And research says not ...

8 Reasons to adopt an older pet

A4W Contributor

When it comes to adopting an older pet, you have the privilege of choosing their fully-formed personality to ...


How humans are giving domestic animals cancer

ANA Newswire

Animals around the world are getting cancer as a result of human activities, scientists say…

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