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Pretty young woman in casualwear standing by stove and tasting food while cooking soup in pan after thickening with thickener

Cooking hack: 5 ways to thicken your stew without soup powder

A4W Contributor

Thicken your stews, soups and sauces without powdered soup with these 5 clever hacks

Eco-friendly natural cleaners baking soda, lemon and cloth on wooden table windows background,

7 Amazing ways to clean your home using white vinegar

A4W Contributor

It’s an all-purpose cleaning detergent that’s so safe, you’re already eating it.

Canned vegetables cucumber in glass jars on white wooden board. Top view Space for text.

Frugal food hack: 5 ways to reuse pickle juice

A4W Contributor

Here are 5 frugal tips for using your pickle juice...

Many mosquitoes flying in to the house while insect net was opened

Why mosquitos are taking over your kitchen + non-toxic ways to get rid of them

A4W Contributor

You have a large range of options for getting rid of them in other parts of your home, ...

Shocked Woman Looking At Mold on her cupboards

How to get rid of mould in your cupboard for good

A4W Contributor

Getting rid of mould in your kitchen cupboards is quick, easy and you can do it yourself...

Preparation of the lemonade drink. Lemonade in the jug and lemons with mint on the table outdoor

Juice a lemon without cutting and save some juice

A4W Contributor

Keeping your lemons in their skin is the best way to preserve them for as long as possible...

Escape into wonderland in your bathroom!


The Spectra range features unique showerheads tailored to your every sensory need. #CobraHereForYou #CobraMoments

Checkers Sixty60 will now recycle your used delivery bags

Checkers Sixty60 will now recycle your used delivery bags

A4W Contributor

Sixty60’s paper bags are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, and already comply with the highest social and environmental ...

Woman in yellow rubber gloves cleaning toilet with pink cloth

Weird toilet cleaning hacks that actually work

A4W Contributor

Here are some wacky tips and tricks to help you get the dirty business of cleaning your toilet ...

Cutting board and seasoning on dark background. View from above, top view. How to clean a wooden chopping board

How to properly clean your chopping board

A4W Contributor

While they're awesome and handy, cutting boards can also carry illness-causing germs and bacteria. Here's how to clean ...

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