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Stain removal tips to keep your clothes looking and feeling new

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These useful stain removal tips will have you armed to tackle any type of dirt from your favourite ...

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Coronavirus: household cleaning products can kill the virus – an expert on which ones to use

The Conversation

Household detergents can effectively get rid of COVID-19 on your surfaces and in your home. Here's how...

Why millennials are choosing to rent instead of buy

A4W Contributor

Millennials are seen as digital natives, fast-paced, inquisitive, and critical - and have challenged the status quo across ...

BREAKING: Stage 4 loadshedding from 3pm today

9 Ways to protect your home during loadshedding

A4W Contributor

Loadshedding is back  - and so are the power surges and cold food that South Africans have had ...

How to spot water damage in your home (& potential properties you’re considering buying)

A4W Contributor

A small hole in your roof can cause some serious damage to your home. Here's how to stop ...

How to remove undesirable odours from your favourite fashion items

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Take a look at some tips and tricks to achieve long-lasting freshness to your wardrobe items and beat ...

Crash course video: 8 Tips for making sure your house plants survive

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If you're anything like me, you love buying house plants but forget to water them, and return from ...

Don’t let the Brrrr break the bank: how to reduce your electricity bill in winter


By implementing the easy, energy-saving tips below, you will be able to drastically cut your electricity bill this ...

Experts reveal 17 top secrets for selling a home fast


Once you’ve made the big decision to sell, you really want to find willing buyers as soon as ...

This is how to get your bathroom the cleanest it’s EVER been


By implementing these tips and tricks, your bathroom worries will soon be something of the past...

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