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Man Struggling To Open Bottle As Students Prepare Ingredients For Dish In Kitchen Cookery Class

3 Ways to open tight jars & bottles easily

A4W Contributor

While heaps of spinach helped Popey get things done, these handy hacks will help you open jars quicker ...

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3 Ways to get rid of food smells and stains on your hands

A4W Contributor

Follow these tips to clean your hands after cooking to avoid smelling, tasting and looking like the food ...

Cute little girl with bad smelling sausages near refrigerator at home

Get rid of smells in your fridge without chemicals

A4W Contributor

Here's how to get rid of strange smells in your fridge, quickly easily and without any toxic chemicals...

Don’t have a meltdown this Easter: Tips to remove chocolate stains

Don’t have a meltdown this Easter: Tips to remove chocolate stains

A4W Contributor

Enjoy chocolate eggs this Easter without having to worry about stains!

multi coloured panties

How to get period stains out of your panties

A4W Contributor

While it isn't always possible to save your panties from a stained and bloody end. Here are some ...

Homeless man in new 3D-printed home

Watch: Homeless Texas man is the first person to live in this 3-D printed house

Naadiya Adams

70-year-old Tim Shea couldn’t be more delighted to be living in a beautiful 3D printed house after spending ...

mice and rats in your home

How to get mice and rats out of your home quickly and safely

A4W Contributor

Here's how to quickly and humanely evict tiny unwanted housemates from your home...

Assorted cheese on wooden platter, rich and healthy breakfast or snack food

Cheesy hacks: Get rid of mould on your cheese & use it for longer

A4W Contributor

Here's how to preserve it, store it and use it so you can enjoy more of it for ...

Dirty fork and dishes in sink.

Kitchen hack: How to clean your forks properly – Yes it’s a thing

A4W Contributor

Get between the prongs and start cleaning your forks the right way with these easy tricks that are ...

How to wash your duvet + clever hack to make your sheets feel softer

Andile Mthimkhulu

We found the right way to wash your duvet using five easy steps and a clever hack for ...

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