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Ideas about kids, cats and babies

Lyndy Mansfield

I read somewhere that by the time an average child reaches the age of 10, he/she will have ...

Some good, practical skin sense

Lyndy Mansfield

With summer on our doorstep and unrelenting dry hot weather predicted, now is the time to apply some ...

How and where to use coconut oil every day

Lyndy Mansfield

Coconut oil is the world’s safest and healthiest cruelty-free oil that we can use daily. Here are many ...

How to use wood ash as fertiliser


Knowing how to use ash as fertiliser lets you recycle waste while helping to grow a luscious garden.

Let’s learn to love lettuce

Lyndy Mansfield

Most of us grew up believing that lettuce was a relatively flavourless green leaf that was added to ...

Dangerous viral pet pictures

Lyndy Mansfield

Almost every day we can see those cutsie pet pictures of domestic animals doing things that are hideously ...

Tips that make good scents

Lyndy Mansfield

There is nothing more pleasant than going into a home that smells of natural fresh and clean good ...

Bedtime stories for adults

Lyndy Mansfield

Are you fed up with having a snoring partner? Is a child being compelled to recuperate in bed ...

Keep out the roaches, rats and mozzies

Lyndy Mansfield

Roaches,rats and mozzies can be the bane of all our lives. Since many of us are anti chemical ...

9 Seemingly obvious (but really useful) electricity-saving tips

A4W Contributor

These electricity-saving tips may seem obvious, but they are often overlooked by many of us…

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