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Keep out the roaches, rats and mozzies

Lyndy Mansfield

Roaches,rats and mozzies can be the bane of all our lives. Since many of us are anti chemical ...

9 Seemingly obvious (but really useful) electricity-saving tips

A4W Contributor

These electricity-saving tips may seem obvious, but they are often overlooked by many of us…

Freezers, funnels and flowerpots

Lyndy Mansfield

Here are some funky tips for Friday. Check some other uses you can get out of freezers, funnels ...

Say ‘Cheers!’ for cauliflower

Lyndy Mansfield

Cauliflower is becoming the new fashionable vegetable. In the States it is fast replacing kale, of which we ...

Common home items that can make you tired

Lyndy Mansfield

There is a good chance you have some common home items that make you tired and irritable. Check ...

Ways not to waste food

Lyndy Mansfield

The Americans are reputed to be the world’s biggest wasters of food. Let us not follow suit.

Alternative ways that herbs can help

Lyndy Mansfield

Those of us who love growing herbs will always appreciate alternative uses that can contribute to a healthier ...

Correct storing of foods

Lyndy Mansfield

The correct storing of foods is important because doing it right will preserve flavours and nutritional value and ...

Make your makeup last longer

Lyndy Mansfield

With these few easy tips your makeup will stay fresher and last longer, which is advice we need ...

Common items that are toxic to birds

Lyndy Mansfield

Birds can ingest common toxic items that appear randomly around suburban properties and in the country.

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