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Get rid of clutter – and improve your mood and health

A4W Contributor

Living or working in a cluttered space has the potential to make you stressed and even physically ill, ...

Future-proof your home: 3 plug sockets you need to have

A4W Contributor

Ordinary plug sockets are so 1999 and with our current electricity challenges, we have certainly focused on emerging ...

How to use lemon to relieve common health problems


Although lemon may not completely cure all health maladies, it can help alleviate many symptoms and will almost ...

How to store your seasonal clothes safely

Lyndy Mansfield

Packing away all your winter woollies and other seasonal clothes needs some systematic thought in order to avoid ...

How to reduce the strain when painting

Lyndy Mansfield

Whether you enjoy it or hate it, there is inevitable strain when painting your home. Here are some ...

7 Clever tips to keep your home smelling fresh all day

A4W Contributor

Here are Ambi Pur’s top seven tips to take care of odours and keep your home smelling fresh ...

Advantages of alcohol

Lyndy Mansfield

Although drinking excessively is ruinously bad for your health and madly expensive, there are advantages of alcohol.

Some hot bath tips

Lyndy Mansfield

Baths and bathrooms are killer germ collectors. For ways to reduce the risks, here are a few simple ...

Ideas about kids, cats and babies

Lyndy Mansfield

I read somewhere that by the time an average child reaches the age of 10, he/she will have ...

Some good, practical skin sense

Lyndy Mansfield

With summer on our doorstep and unrelenting dry hot weather predicted, now is the time to apply some ...

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