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How to resist kitchen gizmos

Lyndy Mansfield

Those aisles full of intriguing kitchen tools and gadgets in your local shops can have you salivating with ...

Storing food properly is a huge saving

Lyndy Mansfield

Storing food properly can save you a wad of money and free you from feeling guilty every time ...

Clean your oven bicarb

Clean your oven with bicarb

Serisha Singh

Get a sparkling clean oven without spending hours of effort or using poisonous chemicals. Learn how to clean ...

How to maximise your alcohol tolerance this festive season


Due to the excessive consumption of alcohol during the holiday season, you might want to maximise your tolerance ...

Hands up who knows what persimmons are

Lyndy Mansfield

These interesting fruits are well worth researching. Persimmons are old-fashioned fruits that are flooding the market once again ...

Spiders! Here are some ways to keep them at bay, naturally

Lyndy Mansfield

We all seem to be wary of these creepy little arachnids that find their way into our homes. ...

How to recession-proof the holidays with money-saving gift methods


When your economy is bordering on a recession, finding ways to enjoy the holiday season without overspending can ...

Music has magical healing powers

Lyndy Mansfield

It has been scientifically established that music will ease chronic pain, anxiety and pre-operative procedures ...

Switch off without breaking a sweat: sustainable summer tips

A4W Contributor

While you are lazing on your lounger, you might as well turn a tad ‘green’ and search over ...

What is a watt? (and how to save electricity in your home)

A4W Contributor

Do you know what a watt is? We have learnt a great deal about load shedding, but the ...

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