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Let’s make our own and save money

Lyndy Mansfield

There are many natural homemade cleaning solutions that are easy, will take little effort, and will save money. ...

Some super salt solutions

Lyndy Mansfield

Writing about the uses for salt could go on for weeks, but here are some more unusual ones ...

Exercises to ease daily tension and stress

Lyndy Mansfield

Daily frustrations, time constraints and endless demands on Mom executives need these tension and stress exercises.

How to dry lavender in a dark room


Delicate, fragrant lavender is easy to dry and preserve, so that it may be used in scented sachets ...

How to face your junk drawers

Lyndy Mansfield

Is there anyone out there who can deny that they do not have junk drawers in their homes ...

Take your spices and herbs to the next level

Lyndy Mansfield

Not all of us really have the full picture on the wonderful benefits that spices and herbs offer ...

Need a plumber or electrician fast? Now there’s an app for that!

A4W Contributor

Smartphone users are downloading apps for everything from places to eat to ways to eat less, but what ...

How to use lavender


WikiHow has a few tips to inspire you to make the most of your fresh lavender harvest and ...

How to get the most out of oatmeal

Lyndy Mansfield

Eating oatmeal may remind you of dreary boarding-school breakfasts, but check out some other more interesting uses.

More tips for serious cleaning fanatics

Lyndy Mansfield

Quick and easy ways for household cleaning fanatics to make sure their homes are spotless and sparkling, are ...

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