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Strawberries with mold

Grocery bills skyrocket: Here’s how to preserve your fresh produce for longer

A4W Contributor

Throwing out the food you've already paid an arm and a leg for is heartbreaking. Stop the heartbreak ...

Young Woman Noticed Smell Coming Out Of Refrigerator

Small fridge? Here are 5 storage hacks that will change your life

A4W Contributor

Here are some great tips on making the best of your tiny fridge...

close up dirty flush toilet in house.

3 Of the dirtiest things in your home + how to clean them

A4W Contributor

Here are 3 of the dirtiest things in your home - they could be breeding disgusting bacteria as ...

No more ironing!

“Ditch the iron” with this 3-ingredient spray!

Lerato Maimela

The tedious chore of ironing can finally be eliminated when one just does not have enough time, all ...

and sustanable lifestyle concept, various farm organic vegetables, grains, pasta, eggs and fruits in reusable packaging supermarket bags. copy space top view, white concrete table

Flour in the freezer + Other foods you’ve been storing wrong all along

Zethu Sithole

Here are some helpful tips to store your food the right way and keep it edible for longer.

Design pro Q&A: We’re moving. Can my big sofa look good in a small space?

A4W Contributor

Bringing the comforts of ‘home’ into your new home can help create a sense of belonging. But what ...

Taking a trip? Smart tips to make sure your home is safe while you’re away

A4W Contributor

Before leaving the house, ensure everything is unplugged except for the fridge and freezer which should contain the ...

aisha baker

Aisha Baker’s secrets to removing make-up stains & keeping clothes looking new for longer

Andile Mthimkhulu

Here are some of Aisha Baker's secrets to removing stains and keeping clothes looking new for longer...

Mother And Daughter Hanging Decorations On Christmas Tree At Home

Countdown to Christmas: Check out our favourite budget-friendly décor trends

Watch This

Christmas Décor is one of our favourite things about the festive season and we’re going big on a ...

Need “better internet?” Here’s why we ditched ADSL & LTE and went for Fibre

Need “better internet?” Here’s why we ditched ADSL & LTE and went for Fibre


The internet is EVERYWHERE. And because it’s so important, we all want the best, fastest, and most stable ...

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