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Portrait of a young and cheerful woman wearing yellow protective gloves as a housewife in the bathrrom

3 Unexpected ways I used Dr Beckmann carpet cleaner

A4W Contributor

I am among the laziest people I know and I have discovered a few cleaning hacks and shortcuts ...

Hottest new luxury home trends: Here’s what’s selling now

A4W Contributor

“Factors like health, family, security and space have become the new luxuries of our time and our homes ...

handsome man holding remote control while warming under blanket with pretty girlfriend at home

5 Electricity savings hacks for winter

A4W Contributor

Between the cost of electricity and the unpredictable availability, you need to be savvy about your electricity use, ...

Woman using a microwave in the office

Food hacks: Dinner in the microwave + 5 tasty recipes

A4W Contributor

Here are 5 of our favourite dinners, cooked in the microwave in minutes.

eat less sugar for health concept / Heap of white sugar on dark background

Life hacks to help you go sugar-free

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If you're trying to cut down on your sugar in taking or cut it out completely these helpful ...

Family having fun while cooking at the kitchen.

Kitchen gifts mom would actually like

A4W Contributor

Making this day all about her, even if her favourite place is the kitchen.

glass of red wine fell on carpet, wine spilled on carpet

Boozy carpet cleaning hacks that actually work

A4W Contributor

These tips will probably come in handy after a party where stains, booze and smells are aplenty

dirty pillows

Cleaning hack: why and how to clean your pillow without losing volume

A4W Contributor

Dirty pillows aren't just gross, they're also a health hazard. The close contact your dirty pillow has with ...

11020179 - photo of a woman holding a red hot water bottle to her chest whilst wearing hand kniited woolen gloves trying to keep warm, good image for winter illness or warmth related themes.

How to keep warm in the winter when the power is out

A4W Contributor

With many predicting that Eskom’s power woes will continue it’s time to start planning alternative ways to keep ...

Declutter your life: How to organise your closet

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Closets can become the most cluttered areas of your home. Here's how to clean up, clean out, and ...

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