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10 Gardening tips from gardens around the world


With more people using their gardens as a place to relax and grow food, here are some gardening ...

How to turn a laundry basket into a strawberry planter


Here’s how you can turn an old laundry basket into a strawberry planter...

5 Virtual tours of world-famous gardens

Monique Warner

If you love and miss being able to visit beautiful gardens during lockdown, you can take these virtual ...

15 Fast-growing vegetables to plant now


If you want to save money and avoid going out during this pandemic, here are 15 fast-growing vegetables ...

How to grow onions from store-bought onions


If you have onions that are about to go off, don’t throw them away – plant them...

How to become a pro gardener during lockdown

Private Property

If there’s something South Africans now have in abundance, it is time, time and more time. So, why ...

gardening promotes a positive body image

Gardening promotes a positive body image

A4W Contributor

Here’s a surprisingly good reason to pick up a garden spade - new research has found that gardening ...

Lockdown: Easy water play games to give parents a break

Monique Warner

Since the beach is off-limits during lockdown, here are some ideas to help your little kids enjoy the ...

Photo by elias morr on Unsplash

5 Fast ways to become more self-sufficient


Here are five fast, budget-saving tips to help you become more self-sufficient and not as reliant on grocery ...

How to grow your own food at home (with what you have)

Monique Warner

If you want to be a little more self-sufficient, here are some tips to help you grow your ...

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