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How to balance your diet: Just one more drink?


Alcohol. In a drama about food and diets, alcohol would be the sneaky undercover spy who has befriended ...

What’s in the ideal “weight loss fridge”? Stock up on: Home-made pies


Pies CAN be consumed as part of a well-balanced weight loss plan. But there are a few things ...

Author of Cucina in South Africa

Italian-born Durban resident launches Italian-inspired cookbook

Caitlin de Kok

Cecilia Di Cecco has travelled Italy and South Africa to hone her cooking skills and to bring her ...

“Contraband” apple cost a woman R6,200 when she travelled from Paris to Denver

ANA Newswire

An apple a day did not keep customs away, a Colorado woman has learned…

Cut calories and time with this easy recipe

A4W Contributor

Want a simpler-than-simple, calorie-controlled meal that’s also easy to make? You aren’t asking the impossible! This dish couldn’t ...

5 Awesome health & weight loss benefits of coffee (and tea)


Tea and coffee are the two most widely consumed beverages in the world (apart from water of course)…

SA pork industry faces massive losses following listeriosis outbreak

ANA Newswire

South Africa's pork industry and its value chain could suffer losses of up to R1 billion as the ...

What’s in the ideal “weight loss fridge”? Stock up on: Vegetarian patties


One of the easiest ways to eat less meat AND get a quick, healthy meal is to make ...

How to lose weight without going on a specific diet


You don’t have to live in a world of extreme dieting. There is a balance. There is a ...

Karoo food, charm & “fees” – Why you need to book a long weekend in Prince Albert

A4W Contributor

From Thursday, 26 to Sunday, 29 April, the charming Karoo village of Prince Albert features a traditional market ...

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