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Overweight couple with obese bellies overeating and drinking beer. Bad habits, eating disorder, obesity, alcoholism

5 Foods that could cause excess belly fat

A4W Contributor

Here are foods that add layers to your tummy...

Food in the office. Healthy lunch for work.

What to eat to stay energised and avoid the mid-day slump

A4W Contributor

Here's what to eat instead of a chocolate bar to get your energy up and avoid a sugar ...

Pretty cheerful young woman posing with fresh green lettuce leaves. Healthy eating concept. Dieting.

Is your vegan diet making you sick? Here’s what to do

A4W Contributor

If you're feeling sick since you've started your vegan journey, these nutritional issues may be the culprit

The Grillroom & Sushi Bar’s new menu is delectable

Chicken livers, venison pie & smores: The Grillroom & Sushi Bar’s new menu is delectable

A4W Contributor

With the weather cooling down, The Grillroom & Sushi Bar has put together a delicious and hearty autumn/winter ...

You can help Royco & Shoprite bring hope to communities by purchasing Royco Soup

You can help Royco & Shoprite bring hope to communities by purchasing Royco Soup


You can help this cause by buying a packet of Royco Soup from your nearest Checkers. For every ...

beetroot juice

5 Reasons to drink beetroot juice

A4W Contributor

If you still aren't sure about drinking down the purple stuff, here are 5 convincing reasons why you ...

Sotto Sopra

Enjoy a traditional Italian dining experience at Sotto Sopra in Jhb

A4W Contributor

Despite the setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sotto Sopra restaurant, in Rosebank, Johannesburg, remains open to ...

Man Struggling To Open Bottle As Students Prepare Ingredients For Dish In Kitchen Cookery Class

3 Ways to open tight jars & bottles easily

A4W Contributor

While heaps of spinach helped Popey get things done, these handy hacks will help you open jars quicker ...

15506617 - cheese spread with toasted bread

Viral baked feta pasta has a dessert version!

A4W Contributor

Imagine a dessert that is just as quick, just as easy and also sweetly comforting as baked feta ...

Bear Grylls: What happens if celebs can’t find food? There’s a “backup” dead bird!

BANG Showbiz

'Running Wild' star Bear Grylls reveals his team always has a dead bird ready for celebrities to "find" ...

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