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The beginner’s guide to coffee flavour profiles


Pretty much every foodie and their best friend know a thing or two about wine flavour profiles, but ...

Goddess Cafe

5 Loveable lunch spots to treat your mom to this Mother’s Day

Tamryn Sher

If you’re looking for a loveable lunch spot to treat your mum in Gauteng this Mother’s Day check ...

Drink up! What’s new on the beverage scene this autumn

Drink up! What’s new on the beverage scene this autumn

Tamryn Sher

Looking for something to give your tastebuds an adventure this season? Here’s what’s new on the beverage scene…

Boost your immune system with rooibos tea this winter

Boost your immune system with rooibos tea this winter

Tamryn Sher

With the COVID-19 pandemic still very much with us, and the season shifting towards winter in South Africa.

Groom and bride in white dress cut layer naked wedding cake, decorated with fresh pink roses and lily

Basic questions you should ask your wedding cake baker

A4W Contributor

Wedding cake wizard, award-winning TV chef and cookbook author shares with us how to make your wedding cake ...

girl holds a banana in her hand and shows thumb up with the other hand. copy space

How a banana before bed could help you sleep better

Watch This

If you suffer from insomnia, or struggle to fall asleep when you go to bed, the answer to ...

tik toker shares recipes and details of her messy divorce

TikToker serves recipes and hilarious details of her messy divorce

A4W Contributor

The content creator and self-proclaimed 'CEO of floozy storytimes' are famous for the hilarious details of the messy ...

11365404 - ripe tomatoes on green garden. vegetables in a wooden box.

Fresh tomatoes too expensive? Here’s what to use instead

A4W Contributor

Here's how we are adapting our recipes to stay within the budget without fresh tomatoes

Doctor holds a syringe on the background of broiler chickens concept of hormones and antibiotics in chicken meat, health

Bird flu is back: What you need to know

A4W Contributor

Here's what you need to know about bird flu and how it affects you...

Pilar Valdes and Drew Launch Their Own Cookbook

Drew Barrymore’s releasing a colab cookbook with chef Pilar Valdes

BANG Showbiz

Drew Barrymore is releasing a cookbook with chef Pilar Valdes, which will be titled ‘Rebel Homemaker: Food, Family, ...

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