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Beauty treatments you don’t need

Lyndy Mansfield

There are literally hundreds of beauty treatments that are promoted with great gusto in the media. Save your ...

DIY herbal face scrub

DIY herbal face scrub

Serisha Singh

Keep things all natural with this DIY herbal face scrub that’ll stimulate circulation, slough off dead skin cells ...

How to create an effortless-looking ‘bed head’

Lumka Nofemele

Messy tresses are currently a trend. This week Lumka teaches you how to get the bed-head look ...

Take 5 fresh new anti-ageing products

Leigh van den Berg

Beauty editor Leigh takes a closer look at a few new anti-ageing products that have just hit the ...

How to air dry your hair

Chantelle Bester

Try these tips to naturally air dry your hair if you want to give it a break from ...

Treat dry, sun-damaged skin within a week

Chantelle Bester

Here’s how to do damage control if you have dry, dull skin from spending a little too much ...

Stop ingrown hairs before they start

Chantelle Bester

Ingrown hairs are a nuisance at best and a painful discomfort at worst – here’s how to prevent ...

Scrub up nicely with 6 fab new cleansers

Leigh van den Berg

Beauty editor Leigh takes a look at the fresh new crop of cleansers that have just hit the ...

Brighten up your workday makeup

Chantelle Bester

If your work makeup feels like a snore after the summer holiday, try these makeup tricks to brighten ...

3 Different types of face masks

Chantelle Bester

If you're confused about the different face masks available and when to use them, have a look at ...

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