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‘It’s so satisfying’: Saweetie reveals the tool she uses to tackle blackheads

BANG Showbiz

Saweetie has revealed her beauty guilty pleasure is getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads with her special tool.

Pearl Thusi reveals her skin and hair routines

Pearl Thusi reveals her skin and hair routines

Andile Mthimkhulu

Local star Pearl Thusi has shared her awesome skin and hair routines with her fans on Instagram.

Portrait beautiful housewife. Attractive beautiful asia woman is smelling stinky, musty from her husband shirt. Asian woman will bring shirts for washing at laundry room. She use fingers close nose

Stinky armpits? Here are the possible reasons

A4W Contributor

Here are some things to consider if bathing regularly isn't enough to keep sweaty odours at bay

5 Hacks to feel good, on a budget

A4W Contributor

Small time investments, little treats and some creative thinking can make you feel immeasurably good! Here's how to ...


Top 4 skincare ingredients to look out for + what they offer

A4W Contributor

Consumers are more educated about skincare, becoming more ingredient-focused and researching the effects they have on the skin...


Is nappy rash cream key to Madonna’s flawless skin?

BANG Showbiz

Has Madonna inadvertently revealed her anti-wrinkle secret? An Irish antiseptic cream which retails for £2.99.

Naomi Campbell believes that air-conditioning gives her wrinkles

BANG Showbiz

Naomi Campbell thinks there's a link between air-conditioning and wrinkles.

Brooklyn Beckham's fiancée Nicola Peltz shares her top beauty secrets

Brooklyn Beckham’s fiancée Nicola Peltz shares her top beauty secrets

Andile Mthimkhulu

Nicola Peltz, Brooklyn Beckham’s fiancée, has shared her amazing beauty secrets.

Closeup of young woman applying cream on elbows

Why your elbows and knees go dark

A4W Contributor

Although there are health issues that could cause darkened skin, there are other reasons that the skin on ...

Curl power! LeAnne Dlamini’s guide to styling natural hair

Megan van den Heever

Singer and activist LeAnne Dlamini has given us the low-down on how she styles her gorgeous, natural curls...

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