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Free, fun, off-screen activities for your kids this holiday

Posted on Dec 13, 2020 by A4W Contributor

We’re all on the look-out for great ideas to keep our children engaged that enable us to also ...

WATCH: This 15-month-old is going viral on social media for her mad skateboard skills!

Posted on Dec 10, 2020 by Xanet Scheepers

Polla-Anna Gray learned to balance on a skateboard before she could even walk.

Moms, follow these easy tips to teach your toddler how to write

Posted on Dec 10, 2020 by Tammy Jacks

You might wonder if your child needs to learn to write with a pen and pencil, now with ...

Moms sharing their toddlers’ milestones made me question if I did something wrong because my kid is not there yet

Posted on Dec 9, 2020 by Karabo Mokoena

Motherhood is already inherently difficult and we'll be consumed by mom guilt if we're always competing with other ...

Is this the best age to start potty training? PLUS get 50% off your ticket for Meg Faure’s potty training talk!

Posted on Dec 7, 2020 by Megan Faure

Stressed about starting potty training with your toddler? Relax, mom! Here’s everything you need to know.

10 reasons why playful parenting helps with toddler development

Posted on Dec 3, 2020 by Karabo Mokoena

Playing with a child is more than just entertaining them, you're also teaching them at the same time.

27 tips to keep your inquisitive toddler safe these holidays

Posted on Dec 1, 2020 by Living And Loving Staff

Kids love exploring – especially areas they’ve never been to before. Here’s a couple of safety tips to ...

Helping young children manage anger

Posted on Nov 30, 2020 by Living And Loving Staff

Little humans can have big emotions, and need adults to help them manage them.

9 signs that indicate that your toddler might need speech therapy

Posted on Nov 30, 2020 by Beth Cooper Howell

Hearing your baby say her first word is a memorable milestone, but what if she doesn't seem to ...

6 steps to check if your baby or toddler’s car seat is installed correctly

Posted on Nov 27, 2020 by Xanet Scheepers

Car seats can reduce child deaths by 71% and injuries by 67% - if they are used and ...

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