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Meditation, yoga and other ways to calm your kids minus the yelling

Posted on Nov 24, 2020 by Living And Loving Staff

We send our children to swimming lessons, and teach them how to read, but what if we taught ...

4 games that can help develop your pre-schooler’s math skills

Posted on Nov 23, 2020 by Thobeka Phanyeko

Stimulate your little one's mind and build his math skills at home with these fun games.

Has your 5-year-old’s development regressed? This could be what’s causing it

Posted on Nov 17, 2020 by Living And Loving Staff

Is your 5-year-old suddenly saying he can't do tasks he previously had no problem with? Here's what could ...

Six phrases to help your child’s emotional development

Posted on Nov 13, 2020 by Living And Loving Staff

Last updated on Jun 11th, 2021 at 01:22 pmEmotional competence has three components: understanding, expression and regulation. And ...

Show your preschooler how to make raisins dance with this fun kitchen experiment

Posted on Nov 10, 2020 by Living And Loving Staff

Your kids will love this fun science project.

10 games to develop your pre-schooler’s memory, vocabulary and imagination

Posted on Nov 5, 2020 by Living And Loving Staff

Your child will love these learning games.

RSV is on the rise – here’s how to tell the difference between this virus and COVID-19

Posted on Nov 4, 2020 by Dr Iqbal Karbanee

Here’s when you should take your child to a doctor.

Thuli Madonsela wrote a children’s book that teach kids about courage, respect and truth

Posted on Nov 2, 2020 by Karabo Mokoena

In collaboration with her daughter and in-laws, the former Public Protector is telling stories to inspire and instill ...

IN PICS: Local party planner fulfils every young girl’s party goals

Posted on Oct 30, 2020 by Karabo Mokoena

Want to make your young daughter's year? Here is a brilliant party idea for girls.

This is what the 2020 vaccine schedule looks like

Posted on Oct 30, 2020 by Dr Iqbal Karbanee

It takes 4 to 6 weeks for vaccines to start working.

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