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Princess Charlene shares adorable pic of twins – We can’t believe how big they’re getting!

Posted on Oct 19, 2020 by A4W News

Princess Charlene’s twins are five years old! Can you believe it?

Watch: 96-year-old twins take a flip in helicopter, share their saucy secret to longevity

Posted on Oct 18, 2020 by Watch This

Lil Cox and Doris Hobday – Britain’s oldest identical twins – took an epic flip in a helicopter ...

Harvey Weinstein “almost blind, will die in prison if not released” – Claim lawyers

Posted on Oct 18, 2020 by BANG Showbiz

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers have insisted he will die in prison if he is not released, as they claim ...

Here are some pics of cats & dogs you might enjoy: Courtesy of the Ozzie Firefighters

Posted on Oct 16, 2020 by A4W Contributor

It’s been a tough year. But our pets are always there for us when we need them. And ...

RESCUED: Woman locked in toilet for 18 months

Posted on Oct 15, 2020 by A4W News

On Tuesday, it was reported that a woman from the village of Panipat, north of Delhi was rescued ...

“Faceless” baby celebrates miraculous 1st birthday

Posted on Oct 15, 2020 by Magazine Features

A baby who became known as “the faceless baby” after being born without eyes, nose and part of ...

WATCH: Kanye’s first presidential campaign video – “I’m Kanye West and I approve this message”

Posted on Oct 14, 2020 by A4W News

“We will build a stronger country by building stronger families. Families are the building blocks of society, of ...

Watch: Mama mountain lion defends cubs, stalks jogger for six terrifying minutes

Posted on Oct 14, 2020 by A4W News

A trail runner from Utah was almost 10 kilometres into a mountain run when he came face to ...

Covid-19 can survive for 28 days on banknotes, glass, other surfaces

Posted on Oct 13, 2020 by

The virus that causes COVID-19 can survive on banknotes, glass and stainless steel for up to 28 days, ...

WATCH: “Shark-spotting drone” captures surfer’s close shave with great white

Posted on Oct 12, 2020 by A4W News

A pro surfer had a close shave with a great white while surfing in Australia recently. However, new ...

World Trade Organisation to be led by a woman for the first time in history

Posted on Oct 9, 2020 by

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of Nigeria and Yoo Myung-hee of South Korea qualified for the final round in a race ...

WATCH: Prince William Launches £50m Earthshot Prize – 10 Years to repair our planet

Posted on Oct 8, 2020 by A4W News

The Earthshot prize was launched by Prince William on Thursday as a new global prize for the environment.

Dad may have lived with bodies of wife, toddler for 2 weeks after fatal stabbing in London flat

Posted on Oct 8, 2020 by A4W News

On Tuesday morning, police from Scotland Yard broke into a family’s West London home after relatives had raised ...

Women scientists share Nobel Prize – Their discovery could eventually “cure inherited diseases”

Posted on Oct 8, 2020 by A4W News

This week, the The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 to two ...

Legendary musician Eddie Van Halen has died after battling tongue cancer

Posted on Oct 7, 2020 by BANG Showbiz

Legendary musician Eddie Van Halen, best known as a founding member of Van Halen, has died aged 65 ...

Extremely rare conjoined ‘spider twin’ girls born to woman in India

Posted on Oct 6, 2020 by Magazine Features

The 25-year-old mum, from Shahjahanpur, India, was unaware she was carrying conjoined twins until she gave birth.

When can we expect a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine to be released?

Posted on Oct 6, 2020 by The Conversation

What have the early Phase 1 and 2 studies in humans shown? Overall, vaccination has triggered a more ...

5 Facts you should know about Donald Trump’s battle with Covid-19

Posted on Oct 5, 2020 by

US President Donald Trump’s diagnosis as COVID-19 positive adds extraordinary drama to an already fast-moving and tumultuous US ...

BREAKING: Donald Trump & Melania test positive for Coronavirus

Posted on Oct 2, 2020 by A4W News

Dr Sean Conley, the president’s physician released a statement to the press confirming the diagnosis, but insisted that ...

Boy dies from brain-eating amoeba found in Texas water supply

Posted on Sep 29, 2020 by

Texas has stepped up efforts to counter the threat posed by a brain-eating amoeba detected in the water ...

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