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How a 74-year-old woman gave birth to a healthy set of twins 

Posted on Mar 10, 2021 by A4W Contributor

Yaramati had her first children well into her pensionable years. She gave birth to a healthy pair of ...

Can yoni pearls cause a miscarriage?

Posted on Mar 9, 2021 by A4W Contributor

While many women swear by yoni pears. Doctors discourage any kind of vaginal detox, especially during pregnancy...

Pregnancy myths you should stop believing

Posted on Feb 16, 2021 by A4W Contributor

We're easing mama's burdens by busting some pregnancy myths that make your pregnancy harder than it needs to ...

5 Things every mama-to-be should know about COVID-19

Posted on Jan 11, 2021 by Zethu Sithole

Here are 5 things you need to know about being pregnant and having a baby during the COVID-19 ...

Possible Reasons You Are Not Getting Pregnant

Posted on Nov 20, 2020 by A4W Contributor

While your periods may be regular, some everyday activities can impact your chances of conception.

How surrogacy really works

Posted on Nov 6, 2020 by Watch This

We've seen the horror movies, heard about the success stories Leigh-Ann Geydein, founder of Fertility solutions explains how ...

Why many South African mothers give up breastfeeding their babies so soon

Posted on Oct 14, 2020 by The Conversation

Globally, numerous policies and programmes have been put in place to promote and support breastfeeding. South Africa has ...

Stretch marks and ‘kiwi’ on your inner thighs -why tissue oil is the answer

Posted on Oct 12, 2020 by Zethu Sithole

Stretch marks and pigmentation make many women feel self-conscious, even though they are both a natural consequence of ...

How to care for your skin during and after pregnancy

Posted on Oct 5, 2020 by A4W Contributor

Not every mom-to-be glows during pregnancy...and no-one ever tells you the about the affects of postpartum on your ...

SKIMS: Kim Kardashian’s new range of maternity shapewear could exacerbate body image issues for pregnant women

Posted on Sep 17, 2020 by The Conversation

Shapewear during pregnancy? While Kim Kardashian-West insists that her range of maternity SKIMS are support wear and not ...

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