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Reduce your risk of cancer

Posted on Aug 20, 2008 by Sasha Wyatt-Minter

Cancer cases are on the rise today and many believe that this is because we are making bad ...

Urinary Incontinence and Exercise

Posted on Aug 19, 2008 by Caitlin de Kok

53.2 % of adult women in the US have urinary incontinence (UI), or the inability to hold in ...

Insect Bite Itch

Posted on Aug 18, 2008 by Caitlin de Kok

Apply Tea Tree oil to an insect bite to stop itching. 

Obesity in the US

Posted on Aug 14, 2008 by Caitlin de Kok

Did you know? In the US, obesity is now the leading cause of preventable death, ahead of smoking. ...

Detox diets and your health

Posted on Aug 13, 2008 by Sasha Wyatt-Minter

Detox diets may sound great as, the underlying concept of detoxifying is eliminating the toxins in your body. ...


Posted on Aug 13, 2008 by Caitlin de Kok

Grappa, an Italian bandy, was considered “”Water of Life”” and, in small quantities, aids digestion, acts as an ...

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Posted on Aug 13, 2008 by Freda


Some Like It Hot

Posted on Aug 12, 2008 by Caitlin de Kok

Save water, energy and money by washing your hands with cool water instead of hot. According to health ...

Good Guava

Posted on Aug 11, 2008 by Caitlin de Kok

Guavas are in season right now. They have 6 times more vitamin C than oranges! Although you need ...

Hormones, Dental Hygiene and Pain

Posted on Aug 8, 2008 by Caitlin de Kok

In some patients using estrogen-containing oral contraceptives, tenderness, swelling, or bleeding of the gums may occur. Good dental ...

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