How to create healthy screen time habits during the school holidays

Posted on Dec 29, 2020 by Dr Iqbal Karbanee

It’s inevitable that kids will be engaging in a lot more screen time now that we are back ...

These summer activities can lead to injuries in kids if not supervised

Posted on Dec 7, 2020 by Dr Iqbal Karbanee

Here’s how to keep your kids safe from these common festive season accidents.

Vaccinations cause autism and other common immunisation myths busted

Posted on Nov 6, 2020 by Dr Iqbal Karbanee

With so many false vaccination statements out there, it’s no wonder parents are wary to take their kids ...

RSV is on the rise – here’s how to tell the difference between this virus and COVID-19

Posted on Nov 4, 2020 by Dr Iqbal Karbanee

Here’s when you should take your child to a doctor.

This is what the 2020 vaccine schedule looks like

Posted on Oct 30, 2020 by Dr Iqbal Karbanee

It takes 4 to 6 weeks for vaccines to start working.

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