All4Women breaks through another ceiling has set a new record by storming past the 5 million pageview mark (all traffic) in May 2015.

In South Africa alone we had 557 677 unique visitors, 1 436 821 individual visits and 4 971 155 pagviews.

Loyal readers keep coming back

The stats give a firm indication that the site is still growing at a rapid pace, is well read by a loyal user base and, more to the point, readers keep coming back to get the latest updated information.

All4Women’s founder and MD, Peter Mansfield says that in the last three years All4Women has experienced phenomenal growth. “In June 2012 we had 124 000 unique browsers, a year later this increased to 236 000, last year this increased to 354 000. This year in May (see above) this increased to 557 677.

Our pageviews growth has been even faster: from 1,1 million pageviews in June 2012 to 2,8 million, to 4,1 million in June 2014, to 4 971 155 in May 2015.”

Almost 90% of our readers are women

“A unique feature of our website readers is that almost 90% of them are women. We are the only large site in South Africa that comes even close to this.”

Remarkable growth since we first went live in 2008

All4Women editor Sasha Wyatt-Minter, who has been part of the site since it first went live in August 2008, attributes the growth to “our remarkable team of editors and writers, mainly part-time women from all over South Africa, who have a wonderful ability to offer our readers what they want to read.”

Up-to-date news and views

“Another contributing factor,” says Wyatt-Minter, “is that our articles are that much more topical and immediate than is the the case with printed magazines. We can plan minutes ahead while printed magazines have to plan months ahead. So our news, celebrity and “what’s in the shops” stories are fully up-to-date.”