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Daniel Craig’s father dies after battle with liver cancer

Posted on Aug 27, 2020 by BANG Showbiz

Daniel Craig's father, Tim Wroughton Craig, has died aged 77 after a battle with liver cancer.

Regular coffee drinking could halve your risk of liver cancer – research

Posted on Nov 7, 2019 by PRESS

Researchers discover coffee drinkers could halve their risk of liver cancer...

This increases your liver cancer risk

Posted on Oct 22, 2019 by PRESS

It’s not only alcoholics who incur liver damage - being overweight could permanently damage your liver and increases ...

Not looking after your teeth may increase your risk of liver cancer by 75%

Posted on Jun 18, 2019 by A4W Contributor

Brush up on your oral health, new research has found that not looking after your teeth may increase ...

Michael Buble’s son has liver cancer

Posted on Nov 9, 2016 by BANG Showbiz

Michael Buble's three-year-old son Noah is reportedly suffering from liver cancer but has a 90 per cent chance ...

Hot Chocolate’s Errol Brown (71) dies of liver cancer

Posted on May 7, 2015 by BANG Showbiz

Hot Chocolate frontman Errol Brown has died at his home in the Bahamas, aged 71, his manager Phil ...

Could a common chemical in soap and shampoo cause liver cancer?

Posted on Nov 18, 2014 by A4W Contributor

Long-term exposure to triclosan, an antimicrobial commonly found in soaps, shampoos and toothpastes, has potentially serious consequences!

Saying sex increases cancer risk is neither totally correct, nor in any way helpful

Posted on Oct 29, 2020 by The Conversation

While having a sexually transmissible infection (STI) can increase the risk of certain types of cancer, using a ...

Breast cancer: Men get it too – Here are the symptoms & treatments

Posted on Oct 6, 2020 by The Conversation

Men also have breast tissue, but usually much smaller amounts than women, and it is exposed to much ...

Fighting cancer during Covid-19 – A breast cancer patient shares her lockdown experience

Posted on Jun 5, 2020 by GroundUp

Her parents couldn’t take her to the hospital or be at her bedside when she woke up. Instead, ...

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