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What your poop can tell you about your gut health & why it’s important

Posted on Sep 4, 2020 by A4W Contributor

Why you need to maintain your gut health and how to do it with food.

How fasting affects gut health

Posted on May 16, 2019 by Watch This

Dr Meltem Yalinay spoke to us about her findings on how fasting affects our gut health...

How to boost your child’s gut health

Posted on Mar 13, 2019 by Tammy Jacks

If you’re looking for ways to boost your child’s immune system and overall wellbeing, it’s essential to focus ...

Pay attention to your gut health over the holidays

Posted on Nov 28, 2017 by A4W Contributor

A relaxed summer holiday attitude can spill over into your diet and wreak havoc on your gut health...

How to improve gut health

Posted on Aug 1, 2016 by Serisha Singh

The gut has been linked to a number of conditions. Follow these tips to boost your gut health ...

The secret to a healthy immune system might be in your gut

Posted on May 5, 2020 by ADVERTORIAL

The secret to a healthy immune system might be in your gut

Healthy snack idea: Walnuts are good for the gut and heart

Posted on Jan 17, 2020 by A4W Contributor

If you’re looking for a healthy snack idea, add walnuts to your list. Here’s why...

Healthy ageing linked to a healthy gut

Posted on Oct 13, 2017 by A4W Contributor

If you want to age gracefully, look after your gut. New research has shown a potential link between ...

How gut microbiome impacts your health

Posted on Apr 18, 2017 by A4W Contributor

Did you know that your gut microbiome has a profound impact on all the workings of your body, ...

A healthy gut is critical for immunity

Posted on Jul 14, 2015 by A4W Contributor

A healthy gut is critical for immunity as it promotes normal gastrointestinal function and protects against infection.

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