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4 Ways to avoid chronic diseases

Posted on May 18, 2016 by Contributor

It’s estimated that 80% of chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke and type-2 diabetes, and 40% of cancers, ...

Chronic diseases: The facts and risks

Posted on May 11, 2016 by Contributor

Did you know that chronic diseases cause over 60% of all deaths worldwide? Find out if you are ...

Chronic Diseases

Posted on January 15, 2015 by women

China: Timebomb for chronic diseases, experts warn

Posted on September 1, 2014 by Contributor

Rapid and extraordinary economic growth over the past few decades has resulted in some shocking statistics on death ...

Obesity linked to chronic kidney disease

Posted on March 7, 2017 by Contributor

Did you know that being obese increases the risk of developing chronic kidney disease? Find out why …

Chronic sleep disturbances could trigger Alzheimer’s disease

Posted on March 19, 2014 by Contributor

According to a new study, chronic sleep disturbances could trigger an earlier onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

How to protect yourself from chronic kidney disease

Posted on March 13, 2014 by Contributor

About one in 10 people have some degree of chronic kidney disease that could progress to kidney failure. ...

Could you have gum disease?

Posted on September 12, 2018 by Contributor

How do you know if you have gum disease, why is it dangerous and how is it treated? ...

Study: Alcohol is linked to Alzheimer’s disease

Posted on June 6, 2018 by Contributor

It may be time to rethink that evening tipple - new research has found that drinking alcohol is ...

Good news: Eggs don’t increase the risk of heart disease

Posted on May 9, 2018 by Contributor

Go ahead and whip up a delicious omelette because, despite what you may have been told, eggs don’t ...

Can exercise prevent heart disease?

Posted on January 31, 2018 by Contributor

We know it’s good for us, but can exercise prevent heart disease and how much do we need?...

Relieve & protect chronic dry skin with SBR Repair & SBR Lipocream¹ , ²

Posted on October 20, 2017 by ADVERTORIAL

Winter is on its way out, which means that the past cold and dry weather conditions have left ...

Curcumin may help fight Alzheimer’s disease

Posted on October 17, 2017 by Contributor

An expert on Alzheimer’s disease says there is growing evidence that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, may ...

Antifungals and probiotics new key role in treatment for Crohn’s disease

Posted on October 5, 2017 by Contributor

Potential new therapeutic approaches for inflammatory bowel diseases, like Crohn's disease, may involve using antifungals with probiotics...

Study: CoQ10 & selenium may slash heart disease death by 50%

Posted on August 23, 2017 by Contributor

Research has found that supplementing with CoQ10 and selenium may cut the risk of death from heart disease ...

The link between sleep and Alzheimer’s disease

Posted on July 11, 2017 by Contributor

Could a lack of sleep increase your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease? Read on to find out…

Is Alzheimer’s disease in the air?

Posted on June 19, 2017 by Contributor

Could the air we breathe have an impact on the development of Alzheimer’s disease?...

Endometriosis – the unrecognised disease

Posted on March 27, 2017 by Contributor

Endometriosis is an often unrecognised chronic disease that occurs when the lining of the uterus (womb) grows outside ...

Study reveals the diseases that South Africans died from in 2015

Posted on March 1, 2017 by

The leading underlying natural causes of death among South Africans in 2015 were tuberculosis and diabetes, Statistics South ...

Spotlight on rare diseases

Posted on February 24, 2017 by Contributor

Millions of people around the world feel frustrated and isolated because they live with a rare disease. Of ...

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