REALITY CHECK: You’re awesome, but you are not THAT unique

‘This is the diet for YOU! Your body-type/blood-type/star sign/hair colour/ancestry benefits from a low-carb diet’

We’ve all read one of these. And followed at least one of these diets …

But have you really read the wording? This is one of the strange ideas that mass marketing has sold us in the diet world. That human beings can be so significantly different that some seemingly universal diet rules just don’t apply to them.

Here’s the thing, the human body is a machine.

And my machine operates pretty much the same way yours does in terms of weight loss and weight gain, apart from changes made by past or current damage you are inflicting on it – toxins, etc.

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Diets work

This is not an article seeking to attack the idea that there are different diets in the world – on the contrary, I’m saying ANY of the diets would work for ANYONE (allowing for allergy-related exceptions.) So find one that offers a healthy nutritional balance, and that suits your lifestyle, and follow it!

What I’m warning you against is any diet-salesperson who tries to convince you that your internal machinery is different and therefore requires a unique (usually very expensive) diet plan.

What your internal machinery requires to do the process of weight loss is the same as everyone else. Compliance in terms of food quality and portion-control and a healthy lifestyle.

The most UNIQUE people are the ones who actually do these things, regardless of the diet, because they will succeed.

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