TIP: Identify & eliminate the non-essentials

Dieting successfully is all about doing a small number of things correctly, and consistently enough for a long period of time. Obviously the biggest factor here is doing the ‘eating the right quantity of the right quality of foods’ consistently.

The tricky part is that a lot of people THINK that they are doing this … I’ve fallen into this trap too.

Does this sound familiar: You’re dieting ‘hard’ for ages. Strictly tracking your meals and making sure your portions aren’t out of control. But the scale isn’t budging … In fact, sometimes it’s moving in the WRONG direction!

Liquid calories & other non-essentials

Often the mistake being made by the dieter is that, despite all the tracking of meals, portion size is put into excess by the liquid part of the calorie-intake. If you have a couple of glasses of wine every evening (or beers, or Cokes) you are adding unnecessary calories to your daily intake that needn’t/shouldn’t be there.

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Look, if you want to halve the portion size of your dinner to drink a bit of wine, be my guest, but also remember that you then get less NUTRITION out of your meal.

The solution: Only have a drink (or two) on weekends. I allow it on Friday and Saturday evening. This will go some of the way to correcting for your unintended surplus.

Additional bonus: This will also help with your grocery budget!

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