HACK: Predictability wins the diet war

Dieting is all about choices. And making good choices is hard. Especially when you have ten thousand options from which to choose.

This is one of the big problems that dieters face in today’s world. Every time it’s meal time there are so many options to choose from that it becomes really tough to make the responsible choice, especially when that pack of donuts is right there in the queue on the way to the till.

Prepare a standard meal for breakfast and lunch

A really great hack to take care of this is to have a routine meal for both breakfast and lunch. Eating the same meals – at least Monday to Friday – makes 10 of your weekly meals easy and responsible. You could prepare them (or at least buy the necessary ingredients) over the weekend to save time during the week.

Dinner is your most social meal of the day so it’s hard to control, but if you’re not having to make tough choices for breakfast and lunch then making good choices at dinner is simpler. And on weekends, just do the best you can.

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Function is #1

Remember that eating is primarily a functional activity – your body needs some energy, eating supports this. You don’t have to have an exciting breakfast and lunch every day. This is especially true when weight loss is your larger goal.

Your compliance with this hack will get a lot better once you’ve tried it out. Once you’ve discovered how easy it is to do meal prep ahead of time, you will see much better weight-loss results.

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