TIP: Commit to ONE idea

Commitment is a pretty OBVIOUS component of any successful weight-loss programme. You need to commit to changing your lifestyle habits in order to make significant changes to your body. We all get this, right?

The current trend – and this is a big problem – is that people have no problem committing to a diet plan, but they commit with a serious catch …

They give a plan two weeks to work, and if they don’t suddenly see the beginnings of six-pack abs they flip-flop on to a different programme because the other one didn’t work.

Two weeks is NOT enough time for you to see major, sustainable changes

The thing is, most of our bodies are under such a high level of assault every day from our lifestyle and environment that we should hardly expect to see results so soon. Not to mention that, just like EVERYTHING ELSE, our bodies are resistant to change because change is HARD.

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If you want results from a weight loss plan you MUST commit for a minimum of eight weeks. If you haven’t seen ANY positive change and you have actually done the programme (honestly) then you can start thinking about changing to a different plan. But if you change your plan before eight weeks are up, you’re just wasting your time.

Allow your body some time to get into the new routine and make the adjustments necessary to make change happen.

Commit to ONE idea for a while. It’ll work for you.

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