TIP: Set a short-term goal

Goal-setting… A very important concept that has become possibly the most boring idea in the universe, because EVERY motivational speaker has used it in the productivity seminar your employers FORCES you to go to every year.

In the diet-world, goal-setting is important, but most people get it very wrong.

‘I want to lose 40kg by January 2021’ is a goal, but it’s not a very motivating one.

What you need is a short-term goal for say, two weeks from now. Something like ‘I want to lose two kilogrammes and do seven workouts and get at least seven hours of sleep every night’ would be a good start.

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Two weeks is not a long time, so you’ll be forced to get going right away

Then in 14 days you can check yourself against that goal. If you’ve achieved it then set another, if not, look at why.

The important thing here is that short-term goals force you take action, where distant-future goals allow procrastination – the ultimate enemy of almost everyone.

If you can achieve four short-term goals in a row then you’ve really managed to stick to a diet and lifestyle plan, and are on the way to form some great habits. And therein lies the power of the short-term goal. They accumulate.

So, your first VERY short-term goal is this: set a goal. Do it NOW.

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