Reinvent your home

We’ve all been there … feeling the urge to update one’s home décor, but not knowing quite where to start.

Fortunately, Kumari Govender, creative director at StyleSociety and founder of Haute Edit, a luxury online homeware, fashion and gift shop, has shared her top tips for reinventing an abode this summer.

1.Travel through time

Add some soul and interest to your space by mixing vintage pieces with your travel finds. Antiques with modern masterpieces give a comprehensive sense of who you are. They help narrate a story of your roots, your heritage and the lands that have captured your heart in beautiful progression.

Dig up those quaint and exotic pieces you picked up while travelling and add them to your home in strategic locations so they can be seen.

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2. Make a statement with colour

Do not be afraid to embrace colour. My interiors are a mix of neutrals with occasional pops of bold colours that break the monotony.

Summer is an ideal time to revamp and experiment with vibrant hues. Invest in patterned rugs and throws. Hang an abstract piece of art bursting with vibrancy and allow your personality to blossom against a backdrop of black or white.

3. The texture elixir

No space can be impeccably appointed unless there is a subtle (or bold) interplay of textures – in the upholstery, in the finishes and the flooring.

Invest in quality craftsmanship with statement furniture and contrast soft furnishings. I love mixing and layering textures. In my home, I love the rawness of French oak against my polished concrete floors and gold textured wall coverings that scream barefoot luxury! I have also mixed cool linens with luxe velvet couches and bold teak root side tables. My bathrooms have marble walls pristine against black and white herringbone floor tiles with large antique wooden almirahs and striking black and white chevron design polyrattan handwoven stools.

Give your inner innovator a free rein. Find inspiration in every walk of life – not just the pages of the “Season” magazines. This way you can create your own distinctive style that will stand the test of time.

4. Statements and conversations

Statement items scream their presence while the conversation starters do just that – they give your visitors something to talk about. The sole objective is to elicit the response “Oh. That’s so different. Where did you get it from?”

You can find your conversation starter at the roadside bazaar or the most high-end boutique in town. Ceramics and handmade one-off items, like those offered in the Haute Edit collection, are evergreen in their appeal and pack the punch of your individuality.

5. Edit when “awesome”

Chances are you have had the pieces around for a very long time and they have “grown” on you. When cherished items deplete their cache of stories and blend into the background, it’s time to purge and make space for something new! Rejuvenate your surroundings with fresh summer favourites like lots of greenery in raw concrete pots or hand woven baskets.

Your décor is essentially you. A beautiful canvas that you can use to express yourself! Trust your instincts and be bold when decorating this summer.