Last updated on Feb 6th, 2017 at 02:19 pm

Moms do you feel frustrated every morning when you have to beg the kids to eat breakfast before school?

Are you running out of ideas to keep them interested and enticed while still making sure their breakfast is healthy, colourful and tasty?

Good news is that mangoes are in season right now so why not zoosh up breakfast by adding the “king of fruits” to mundane early morning meals?MangoSideBanner

We’ve kicked this magical journey off for you with sumptuous Mango Breakfast Parfait with Vanilla Bean Syrup, Yoghurt & Granola … delish! The kids won’t be able to resist the sweet mango, crunchy granola and smooth yoghurt – it’s like a taste sensation explosion! Don’t forget that just half a mango provides 47% of the Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) for vitamin C.

As autumn approaches, the good news is that mangoes will still be around so why not add them to your warm oats! Chopped mango and a sprinkling of brown sugar and cinnamon on top of warm oats is an absolute early morning treat.

When you have more time on Sunday mornings explore the taste of mango cheeks sliced onto French toast with ricotta cheese … you have no idea how delectable it is.

You can even use mangoes to entertain the kids

Not only are mangoes great for breakfast but how about mango cupcakes or better yet simply pop some sliced mango into their school lunchboxes for the ultimate treat.  You can even use mangoes to entertain the kids.

Challenge them to create a mango man with a koki on the skin, then get them to find different ways to peel, eat and use mangoes in baking and cooking.  These breakfast recipes are sure-fire ways to get them motivated!

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