1. SUNBURN:  Avoid the sun between 10am and 4pm.  If sun burnt, pop into a tepid shower and apply aloe gel or calamine lotion. Drink water for dehydration. Keep out of the sun until sunburn heals. Always put sunblock or zinc ointment on high risk areas (nose, ears and lips) and apply sunscreen elsewhere for protection before going into the sun, or swimming.
  2. GENERAL BURNS: Campfires and braais can come at a cost. Hold a burn under running tepid water to prevent the burn from going deeper. Do not apply ice, which can cause more damage. Remove clothing, but leave any item of clothing that is stuck to the skin. Apply a specialised burn dressing or a dry sterile cloth. Resist any suggestions of home remedies like  butter which can cause infection, and do not pop blisters.
  3. STINGS  OR  BITES: Some stings or bites cause only mild irritation. Rinse these with soap and water and apply calamine lotion or an antihistamine lotion. If a sting is embedded, scrape it off with a blunt knife or credit card. Apply Vaseline to a tick to get it to let go. Scraping can leave the head behind, causing a sore or tick bite fever, so be very careful.