TIP: Get your portions right

The essence of weight loss is quite simple. You need to be in calorie deficit. Contrary to a whole bunch of POPULAR dieting advice being dispensed nowadays IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO EAT FEWER CALORIES THAN YOU ‘NEED’ if you want to lose weight.

Right now diet ‘gurus’ are claiming that as long as you avoid a couple of key dietary items (be it sugar, carbohydrates or whatever) then you can eat as much food you want and still drop weight. I challenge any of these folks to lose weight on a 5 000 calorie per day high fat diet.

Since the actual key to losing weight is calorie deficit then you need to know how to get into a deficit in the first place, right?

There are essentially two ways:

1. Weigh and measure all your foods and calculate your total intake

A moderately active woman should be consuming up to 2 000 calories per day

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Make sure your daily total is about 500 calories less than what you are used to (based on your current estimated calories used per day).  So if you currently consume 3 000 calories per day, then eat 2 500, and gradually decrease it over a week or so until you’re consuming a HEALTHY number of calories per day.  (A moderately active woman should be consuming up to 2 000 calories per day)

This means enough calories to ensure your body functions properly. Make sure that these calories are made up of mostly fruit and vegetables so that you are getting your daily allowance of essential vitamins and minerals too.

2. Make every portion of food you eat smaller than you think it should be by about 40%

You should never finish a meal feeling full, just satisfied.

The second option is easier, but they both work. Try option two first. If you are losing weight after two or three weeks stick with it, if not, make your portions even smaller, or switch to option one and get more rigorous about counting calories until you learn exactly how many calories are in the food that you’re eating.

The lesson here is that we tend to eat a LOT more than we need at every meal, and hence, we become overweight.

BONUS TIP: Resistance training helps weight loss more than any other non-dietary element. Do it. 

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