Now we have all heard of garlic warding off vampires and that spilling salt is terrible luck. Did you know however that you should never cut a banana with a knife? And speaking of knives, don’t ever give a knife to a friend.

If you’re in the kitchen, and are superstitious, then check out the top 12 food-related superstitions below which apparently if you don’t take head of, you won’t be married, be childless and have no friends!

Not true, we promise.

To everyone out there – Happy Friday the 13th – may you take out the “stitions” and have a super day!

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Common superstitions to laugh about:

1. Eggs and egg shells – throughout history eggs have symbolised fertility, so what farmers would do is scatter broken eggs into their fields hoping to have an abundant crop.

And if you find two yolks in an egg – someone is going to get married or have twins – yikes. Well we know that scattering egg shells in the garden around your vegetables and herbs keeps the snails away. Fact!

2. Salt – apparently spilling salt gives you bad luck … so to counteract this myth, throw the salt over your left shoulder with your right hand.

3. Bread – if there’s a hole in the middle of a loaf of bread, death is on the horizon … and the hole represents a coffin. When making and baking bread, cut a cross into the top of your loaf as this keeps the devil away. It makes us wonder why hot cross buns have a cross?

4. Noodles – they symbolise a long life in China. But don’t cut noodles as this is believed to cut a life span.

5. Tea – plenty superstitions here – apparently you shouldn’t put milk in your tea before the sugar – as you won’t ever be married and undissolved sugar at the bottom of your tea cup means someone is in love with you. Spilling tea – means a visit by a stranger. Interesting!

6. Coffee – bubbles in the coffee, catch them quick with a spoon and swallow – this means you are sure to be rich … well, in this case, bring on the coffee.

7. Oranges – by giving someone an orange, the love potion will kick in and they will fall head over heels in love with you. Not sure what someone would think if we gave them a gift of an orange. We cannot imagine that love would be the thought.

Tossing rice at a wedding to newlyweds is supposed to bring good health, wealth and happiness. We like the concept due to it being biodegradable and the ants and birds get to have a meal

8. Rice – tossing rice at a wedding to newlyweds is supposed to bring good health, wealth and happiness. We like the concept due to it being biodegradable and the ants and birds get to have a meal.

9. Silverware – by dropping a fork a woman will come to visit and a knife, well, it’s going to be a man. Spoons – don’t drop the spoon, the kids will eat you out of house and home.

10. Parsley is a big one when it comes to superstitions. Planting its seeds helps a woman get pregnant. If the plant thrives, that means her husband is weak. And whatever you do, don’t bring it to a dinner party – giving it as a gift brings bad luck.

11. Chilli – you should never pass a hot pepper directly to a friend – according to superstition this means you are going to have a fight.

12. The tradition of having a cake with candles on a birthday began with the ancient Greeks. They baked moon-shaped honey cakes to celebrate the birth of moon goddess Artemis – but believed evil spirits were attracted by the revelry. By saying “happy birthday” and burning candles, spirits are chased away.

Today, many people believe that blowing out all the candles on your cake will make a wish come true.

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Source of information received from Huffington Post.