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A retired police officer, who had a copy of an affidavit made by Thusi to the police, showed excerpts from it to the Sunday World

In the statement, Thusi says she met Bester in June 2011.

Bester was arrested in 2011 in connection with 30 charges including rape, kidnapping and murder

He used Facebook to lure wannabe models to meet him. He would then abduct and rape them.

He was convicted for the murder of a 23-year-old model, as well as several counts of rape and robbery.

Thusi’s statement, dated July 3 2012, reads: “I drove slowly and began trying to negotiate with him. I asked him not to take my laptop because all my daughter’s photos were there. He surprisingly agreed. He promised not to hurt me and told me he had already taken my phones – a BlackBerry and an iPhone.

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“I offered him help that would be better than stealing. I asked him why he didn’t build a better future. I offered him counselling at my church…”

Thusi further states that she and Bester met a pastor with whom she’d worked, then drove past her home to collect her sister

“I also collected a Bible and wrote a message in it and gave it to him. I drove to Sandton; at Kabelo Mabalane’s house.

“I also collected a Bible and wrote a message in it and gave it to him.”

“Thabo spoke to [actor] Tumisho Masha, whom he strangely already knew. Tumisho looked uncomfortable.”

Thusi says that was the last time she saw him, but they spoke on the phone once or twice and texted each other

“I wondered how much of what he had told me was true, especially after Tumisho Masha had warned me that he was a scam artist. I heeded his warning, but it was sad. I later learnt from social networks and papers about rapes and murders and that he’d been locked up.”

“I have never contacted him since or been contacted by him; according to my knowledge…”

Masha could not be reached for comment.

Author: Team Talk