Why don’t they wash out well?

Remember that any greasy stain is predominantly oil, and oil and water don’t mix. So no matter how well you do your laundry, unless you are using specialised washing powder designed to chomp grease you are not likely to see good results.

What can I do to lift out grease stains?

One of the simplest ways to get rid of a greasy stain is to use a dry powder on it, immediately after it happens. This can be anything from chalk to baby powder, although baking powder is our personal favourite. Dab on the powder, rub it in gently, leave a few moments to absorb, and brush or vacuum it away – the stain should lift out with the powder. Thereafter you can wash as normal.

What about enzyme washing powders?

As we mentioned above, there are washing powders that can tackle grease stains more effectively. Powders that incorporate enzymes are specifically designed to tackle organic stains like blood, sweat and grease. If you’re still not happy with your stain removal, these will give you better grease and oil stain reduction than a normal washing powder does.

Source: Natasha Combrink

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