TIP: Moderate the madness

When most people who want to lose weight start a diet they get very excited about it. They talk about how ‘hard-core’ and disciplined they are going to be. They say things like “I’m never going to eat anything unhealthy again”, “That’s the end of my love of wine” and “I won’t let a day go by without some intense exercise”.

While these are all admirable sentiments, they are NOT helpful and could be one of the main reasons so many diets fail.

Dismal future

You see, talking yourself into such a strict lifestyle that has no end in sight can be a pretty dismal thought in moments when you are feeling less-than-positive about life.

Thinking “Work sucks, my friends are being painful, the kids are crazy AND I can’t even have a glass of wine with my bland dinner EVER AGAIN” can be quite upsetting. So how do people respond to this? They ditch the diet completely and tell others that it didn’t ‘work’.

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What’s the solution here?

Well, I’d propose a more moderate approach to dieting. Something balanced that works WITH your lifestyle and doesn’t add stress to your situation. If you want to be strict then you need to be a certain type of person (and I’m going to say that only about 3% of people can do this). For the rest of us we need to do a diet where a slip-up or a reward is part of the plan, so we can use it as motivation to keep the hope alive.

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