Life is too short to wait around for someone to treat you better…

So there’s this guy, and he’s perfect. He makes you laugh, he’s super sexy and the chemistry between you is so obvious that everyone is always telling you to hire a room.

You love him, and he says he loves you, but there’s just one problem: He treats you like total sh*t.

Maybe there was a time where he didn’t

Maybe when you two first met, he put you on a pedestal. Got you hooked with random flowers and surprise dates. Made you feel like a princess, and let you believe that the way he treated you was going to be forever kind of thing.

But it wasn’t. He stopped making you feel like a priority, and you’re left wondering what the hell is going on.

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You don’t want to end it. Your feelings are still strong, and you keep holding on to the past hoping that it will come back around. You think that if you’re just patient and optimistic that your dream guy will start acting like your dream guy again.

After all, relationships are work and you can’t expect everything to be rosy all the time, right?

Of course – but that doesn’t mean you should wait around either.

You can’t change people. Nobody on this earth has that kind of power. You can’t lecture them into being more romantic or force them to treat you right.

You can’t change someone else’s behaviour. You can only change the way you react to it.

Sure yelling and screaming probably sounds very therapeutic at the moment, but sometimes silence sends a bigger message. Rather than starting what is sure to be another tension-filled conversation that gets you nowhere, why not just leave?

Life is too short to wait around for someone to treat you better

Tell him you’re done waiting for him to change. Tell him you’re done putting up with his bad behaviour. Tell him you’re done making him a priority.

And then really be done.

Yes, there’s a chance he’ll freak out over the idea of losing you and really change. Sometimes that’s all it takes to spark better behaviour in someone. But there’s also a chance he won’t.

And that’s okay too.

Life is too short to wait around for someone to treat you better or wait around for someone to do anything for that matter.

The more time we fixate on other people’s actions, the less time we have to actually live.

So do yourself a favour and stop waiting. You deserve better than that.

This article was written by Emily Blackwood  and originally appeared on YourTango.