Fellow pupils did nothing to help the victim in a fight between two Stellenbosch schoolgirls

A video which began circulating online last week is said to have been filmed at a school in Stellenbosch. According to reports, the Western Cape Education Department has launched an investigation into the incident, and has condemned the behaviour of the bully in the video.

The video shows two girls facing each other, one sitting on top of a desk, while the other sits on her seat. All of a sudden, the bully grabs the victim by the hair and slams her face into her knees. The assault continues with the victim crying out and trying to shield her face with her arms.

Fellow pupils can be seen standing around, but none did anything to help the victim. No other information is known about the cause of the incident, and the identity of the girls is being kept private.

WARNING: The footage below is violent and may upset sensitive viewers:

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