TIP: 7 Essential habits

A good weight-loss plan is essential in helping you lose weight successfully.

However there is something that is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT: A lifestyle of weight-loss-inducing habits. You see, a plan or programme (like a diet or exercise regimen) is an IDEA. Ideas are great, but they are only worth something once they exist in reality.

In other words, an idea only has value when you DO IT. So what needs to happen in order for your weight loss plan to actually work, is for you to DO THE PLAN, and the easiest way to do that is to create habits in key areas of your life.

An idea only has value when you DO IT.

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Some habits I would consider essential are:

  1. Eating the same number of meals per day
  2. Eating the same breakfast as often as possible
  3. Getting the right amount of sleep every night
  4. Doing some exercise daily
  5. Doing something to relax daily
  6. Eating 10 servings of vegetables and fruit daily
  7. Being properly hydrated at all times

These are just the tip of the iceberg, but they’ll kick-start weight loss like nothing else.

Creating a habit is ‘easy’ (if you do it)

Make sure you consciously perform the behaviour every day until you forget to not do it! Then you know it has become a habit, and part of your healthy lifestyle. You can also get various apps that can help remind you to perform your habits.

The bottom line?

Make some important things in your life into habits and you WILL lose weight.

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