Weight-loss plateau

First things first; you need to know that a weight-loss plateau is entirely normal. It doesn’t matter how strict you are with your healthy living regimen, every now and then a fall from the wagon is bound to happen.

It’s all in the mind

Much like making sure you get back on your feet after a fall, it is vital that you do the same when you slip off the wagon.

Sometimes, something as simple as imagining yourself back in the gym, eating healthy and feeling great sets off a spark that inspires you to make those visions a reality. When you have a set goal and vision in mind, that you focus on each day, you start feeling more motivated than ever and have a better chance of staying motivated too.

The hard truth

It is important though that you don’t let your vision of yourself get away from you. Yo-yo dieting is dangerous and unhealthy and often the go-to for countless desperate women hoping to lose weight. Rather, understand that you are ready for the lifetime commitment that comes from a healthy lifestyle and know that it is a safer option. Planning to drop 10 kilograms before beach season is unhealthy and temporary, and you’ll end up in a cycle of losing and gaining the same water weight over again.

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To stick to the plan, make sure you have a stockpile of healthy food in the house and a healthy, sustainable weight-loss goal in mind. This makes it all the easier to stay on course.

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