Healthy snacks

Both foods are healthy snacks and can be carried easily to work or on outings. Apples are known to be high in dietary fibre. In addition, the phytonutrients in apples may help to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Cucumbers have different types of lignans which are known to help reduce cardiovascular disease and several types of cancer, including ovarian and prostrate cancers.

Reduce anxiety

In a recent study by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, cucumber and apple scents are effective in reducing anxiety. This may further assist your weight loss efforts, if you tend to turn to comfort foods that are high in sugar or fat, when experiencing anxiety.

So be sure to include apples and cucumbers in your shopping list as these healthy foods will not only be good for your body but will also help keep weight gain at bay.

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Source: Clicks ClubCard magazine, Issue 1, 2014

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