DIET: The Maple Syrup Diet

The Maple Syrup Diet (also known as the Master Cleanse) is around 40 years old and was introduced to the world by a naturopathic doctor for weight loss and detoxification. The diet basic involves drinking (and living on) a ‘cocktail’ of maple syrup, lemon, cayenne pepper and hot water.

Lending credibility to this plan are celebs like Beyoncé, who claims to have lost loads of weight on the diet. This obviously has resulted in major popular uptake of the regimen.

The diet is steeped in pseudo-science, and requires a severe lifestyle change. It’s basically a ‘juice’-fast.

OBVIOUSLY people who do this plan lose weight quite quickly…

… as you’re not eating anything that your body can use.

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The problem is that this isn’t healthy AT ALL, and the weight loss starts to slow down dramatically the moment your brain realises what’s going on.

Many of the people who do diets like this one end-up worse off than when they started out, because they lose a bit of weight quickly, then stop doing the diet and go back to regular eating.

Starving your body on the diet creates a ‘famine’ environment in your body which can easily result in your body storing calories instead of using them.

Avoid this diet, and any others like it.

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