TIP: Do a daily weigh-in

The ONE thing besides exercise and diet that really helps with continuous, effective weight loss is a daily weigh-in.

Just getting on the scale and seeing the number looking back at you is an almost sure-fire way to lose weight.


Well, having today’s number in your head will affect all the food decisions you make today, because you don’t want the number to be higher tomorrow.

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Studies into this phenomenon have even shown that people who weigh themselves every day lose weight WITHOUT CONSCIOUSLY CHANGING THEIR DIET. This means that the effect is so strong that you make better decisions without even really trying, just because you don’t want to mess up the downward trend on the scale.

Write it down

One good idea is to write the number down every day, and plot the trend over a long period of time, because there WILL be days when the number goes up due to excess water-retention or hormonal shifts. What you’re really looking for is a general downward curve – don’t sweat the occasional small ups, as long as the general trend is downward.

Last tip: do the weigh-in at the same time every day … preferably first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything. This helps with consistency in your measurement.

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