The Raw Food Diet

This diet has become very popular of late. It is exactly what the name says… you eat only raw food. Of course certain foods are excluded purely because they can’t be safely consumed raw – like most meats. Other foods are excluded because they don’t exist in raw form – like processed foods and bread.

So the diet really focuses on foods that come directly from nature.

Some are grown – fruits and vegetables – and others are sourced from animals (like milk). The idea is that in a bygone era, these are the foods our ancestors would have had access to, and that the act of cooking food diminishes its nutritional value (this is a complicated issue with two very strongly opposed sides to the story).

Is the diet healthy?

It CAN be. You need to be VERY diligent about getting the right nutrients and making sure you eat enough, and the only way to do the diet in the long-term is to really love eating raw fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds.

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It is very high in nutrients, fibre and hydration, and very low on the unhelpful or downright harmful additives, processed and junk foods, and allergenic animal foods we tend to eat these days.

But if you love eating fresh whole foods and don’t mind being a ‘problem guest’ at dinner parties, then this COULD be the diet for you. Give it a bash, and if you’re feeling great three weeks in, then stick with it for a while.

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