2016 has been quite a year for world politics

Brexit, Trump, and Zuma upsets have caused us all to despair. This All4Women reader was inspired to pen a witty poem about it.

By Jodi Botha


Befuddled by Brexit

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Stumped by Trump

Petrified of Putin, and Oh! Hallelujah… please save us from Zuma


Anonymous, the Illuminati…. Not even a cup of Tea

Nothing’s going to save us, from this debauchery

Give me a village, free from those who pillage

Where the butcher is also the baker, and the townsfolk pray to their maker


Who lurks in the stillness?

Who presents the smoke and mirrors?

Who is the real puppet master of terror?


With power comes responsibility for those you don’t consider

You’re selling your soul, to the highest bidder…