Chew gum to combat cravings

Studies have shown that chewing gum can help manage hunger, resist cravings, and promote weight loss.

But don’t think chewing gum alone â?? or in place of meals â?? is going to melt away extra weight all on its own. You need to be eating healthily and getting in some form of exercise as well.

A study at the University of Rhode Island showed that people who chewed gum ate 68 fewer calories at lunchtime. Those who chewed gum also burned 5% more calories than those who didn’t.

Three ways to avoid indulging

  • Chew a piece of gum to prevent nibbling while you cook.

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  • Keep some gum in your handbag to resist high-calorie temptations.

  • Pop a piece of gum in your mouth to prevent mindless munching while watching TV.

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Source: WebMD

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