TIP: Think AFTER you eat

Guilt … It’s a common feeling for people on diet. Why? Because every time we mess up our eating plan by having something unhealthy – whether in quantity or quality, or both – we are overwhelmed with the sense that we will never achieve the body we so desperately desire.

There are a couple of problems here … The first is that one mess-up will not cause you to gain weight if you don’t allow it to become a habit. The guilt often drives one to eat MORE unhealthy stuff, which becomes a big problem.

The second problem is that this cycle means we aren’t learning from our ‘mistakes’.

How can you avoid having these giant unhealthy meals that start you on a diet-downward-spiral?

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So you eat a giant pizza, drink two litres of soda, and have ice-cream for dessert. How do you feel in the hours or days thereafter? Fit? Ready to perform at your best? Or do you feel sluggish and sickly?

I’ll bet it was the second one. Compare this to how you feel when you’re eating well and that should motivate you to have fewer slip-ups if you allow it to.

Next time you’re presented with a meal you know is not good for you try to remember how terrible you’ll feel after eating it. Ask yourself if the five minutes of enjoyment are worth the next 24 hours of brain-fog and lethargy.

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